Ongoing HHF Projects & Programs

Humanity & Health Foundation (HHF) Mission

Our Mission: Prevent Disease, Promote Health & Literacy for a Sustainable Future. Target Audience: Men, women, youth, and children in under-privilege and poor socio-economic environments. Location: Global

UNESCO Institute for Statistics ( ). Data as of September 2021.

Children Education Sponsorship

Partner With Us to Meet the Sustainable Development Goal 4 and the promise to provide universal primary and secondary education. According to data, there has been no significant progress in reducing the global number of out-of-school children, adolescents, and youth. After an initial decline in 2000, the primary out-of-school rate has decreased only slightly since 2008, reaching 8% in 2018, and the lower secondary out-of-school rate has been at 16% since 2012.
The upper secondary out-of-school rate has fallen more steadily since 2000, reaching 35% in 2018. Upper secondary school-age youths are more than four times as likely to be out of school as children of primary school age and more than twice as likely as adolescents of lower secondary school age. The high out-of-school rates for older cohorts are mainly due to poverty and various other reasons. For instance, many youths never had a chance to enter school when they were younger. Upper secondary education is often not compulsory, and upper secondary school-age children may choose employment over continuing their education. Credits: (UIS and GEMR, 2016).

Sponsoring a child provides the continuity of impact that is needed – impacting children’s growth and development. The key area of empowerment that the Humanity & Health Foundation focuses on here is education. Providing educational support is a proven way to impact lives by providing the vital knowledge and skills the child needs to grow up, become independent, self-sufficient, and contribute to their community and national and global development.

Humanity & Health Foundation’s aim is to strategically empower lives in Africa by partnering with schools and colleges, to provide educational resources to the poor, orphans, and children in marginalized and poor socio-economic environments. We strive to focus on the underserved and under-resourced, those in need of transformative support in Africa, and those termed “Refugees.” Giving them what they need to succeed in schools and beyond.

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen self-reliance so that individuals, families, and communities can create positive change in their lives. We invite You to Join Us.

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