Organization: Humanity and Health Foundation

Convening For: Humanity & Health Foundation 2021 First Quarterly Member & Board Meeting

Date and Time: Saturday, April 24, 2021 from 10.00a.m EDT

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Board Meeting Attendees:

 Rebecca Ajibola Board President USA
Mike Olotu Board Chairman Nigeria
 Jumai Fayemi Secretary USA
 Kenny Shadracks Member UK
 Biodun Bolorunduro Member Nigeria
 Amu Q Roberts Member Liberia
Mede Sabbah Member USA
Abiola Toluhi Member Nigeria


Start Time: 10.00a.m EDT

Matters Arising

  • The meeting started with Rebecca Ajibola giving a few tips on interaction with the zoom platform while also speaking about the regulations for the operation of NGOs in the United States of America, Nigeria, and Liberia the organization’s current operating centers.
  • Self-Introduction by the Board and members to facilitate collaboration
  • Board Chairman (Mike Olotu) re-emphasized the importance of the quarterly meetings and advised on some ground rules during the sessions.


  • Review of the HHF Policy document which is due for approval: The board president reminded the house that the policy document is available on the website under the ethics and policy page and it is still a work in progress. Board members were enjoined to read the policy and advise on amendments if applicable before adoption. She talked about the legal and regulatory framework guiding operation in the countries we are operating from and emphasized transparency, reputation, and responsibility. The organization has to have the trust of the public and funders.
  • Chairman’s Report: He gave an overview on the legal and reporting ethics, publication and solicitation, accountability and strategy, budget and finance, etc. The organization is complying with the standard reporting guideline. He said that the president would provide more insight into the regional program leaders
  • Presentation: The Board president presented the meeting slides. She reiterated the mission statement “Prevent disease, promote health and literacy for a sustainable future” while emphasizing the need to focus on training and seminars to empower and be a pacesetter for other NGOs operating in Nigeria. HHF has to be the change agent in Africa and the members will provide guidance and advisory services to other NGOs. The presentation ended at 11.23 a.m EDT


Other businesses

  • Kenny Shadrack spoke about conflict of interest as regards finance and the board president explained that there were guidelines for raising the budget for funding which includes salaries earned by project implementors.
  • Amu Roberts was directed to organize a program to manage stress, anxiety, sexual abuse, and other social ills for teens between the ages twelve (12) to eighteen (18). It will enlighten them on how to address such concerns. The president commented that we are to continue with our activities pending when the grants come in as we are not in charge of the grant calendars.
  • Olotu Michael said that since there is no regulatory framework governing the operation of NGOs in Nigeria, and since HHF is registered in the US, he suggested that the regulation in the US should apply. The president commented that there is a need to set up a forum for NGOs and teach on regulatory practices and ethics.
  • Biodun Bolorunduro commented that we train and lead the way, document, and share on our platform. HHF African teams to spearhead initiatives using the theme “Innovation means better care for disadvantaged people” taking advantage of the website and access to zoom for online meetings.
  • In Georgia, HHF has collaborated to distribute food using the food bank model and we must locate areas where there are no food banks. Mede Sabbah should assist in this regard.
  • Amu Roberts informed the house of the anti-drug initiative going on in Secondary Schools in Liberia. The full details will be communicated for our records and published.


Action Items

S/N Item Due Date
1 Board and members to review the Policy document and comment 4/30/2021
2 Board and members to assess the code of conduct (conflict Management) on the website 4/30/2021
3 The meeting slide will be circulated to attendees 4/26/2021
4 HHF director for Nigeria to provide feedback on National Youth Service Corps Engagement for Corpers Empowerment and Self-Development 5/24/2021
5 Mede Sabbah to confirm Food Bank location in her area 4/30/2021
6 Amu Roberts will share the Anti-drug initiative 4/26/2021



The next board meeting takes place on June 26, 2021, while the quarterly meeting will take place on August 28, 2021. There should be a tri-monthly report for all regions and these reports should be submitted to the board president for review.



Mike Olotu moved that the meeting be adjourned and this was agreed upon at 12.19 p.m EDT


Signed and Adopted

  1. Jumai Fayemi
    HHF Secretary
  2. Rebecca Ajibola
    HHF Board President
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