Through partnerships with other agencies and volunteers, we can ensure those deprived are better prepared to respond to socio-economic issues.

Our local, national, and international partners expand the reach of the work HHF does to strengthen critical services around the world.

Education & Health Promotion

A 501(c)(e) Charitable organization with Global reach registered in United States and Africa.

We engage in empowerment programs, literacy, and health promotion on non-communicable diseases (NCDs), Infectious diseases (IDs), and respond to endemic or infectious diseases such as COVID-19, TB, STDs & HIV AIDS.

Preventive Projects and Programs

We collaborate with the communities and local stakeholders to provide basic human necessities, such as Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), that significantly impact health promotion and reduce mortality rates of those citizens in our target population.

Sustainable and Research-Based Programs

We ensure all our programs are research-based and carried out by the Public Health Ethical Principles, such as conducting programs based on Respect, Benevolence, and Justice. The strategy ensures the strength and sustainability of all our programs.

Capacity Building & Ethics

A healthy community is a form of living democracy: people working together to address what matters to them. As citizens, we must shape the primary conditions that affect our lives with others in transforming communities; we are guided by shared values and principles that bind us to a common purpose. Building healthier communities blend the local, the universal, and the broader contexts. Such efforts are grounded locally: the family, the neighborhood, and other familiar communities. To be effective, however, we must also bring diverse groups of people and organizations together to transform the broader conditions that affect local work. This is at the core of Humanity & Health Foundation principles.

Global Partners & Affiliates

Logistics, consultants, experts, and research providers

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