A Global Educational and Informational Hub that Strengthen & Advance the Non-Profit Associations

Advocacy, Consultations, and Solutions for Non-Profit Effectiveness through, a powerful mix of advocacy, Solutions for nonprofit effectiveness, and insight building tools,
Humanity & Health Foundation Center for Non-Profit (CNP) provides nonprofits, board members, business leaders, and donors with the tools they need to strengthen organizations that make a difference on important causes.

Focus On Business Success

  • Complimentary, member-exclusive learning events featuring thought leaders and top practitioners, such as:
    • CNP consultant-led Board Bites series and recurring Orientation to Nonprofit Boards.
    • Our annual Online Conference media summit, where the media veterans themselves teach nonprofits how to pitch their stories
  • CNP Consulting Group – with expert guidance to develop strategies and build capacity for organizations of all sizes, enabling them to accelerate and grow their impact on their community and target population.
  • Facilitate your organization strategy development and strategic project planning
  • Succession strategic plans and executive transitions
  • Strengthen your organization governance and board impact
  • Empowering and catalyzing resource development
  • Regular opportunities to share your news and achievements through our Nonprofit NEWS report, social media channels, and content contributor opportunities.

Global Colaboration

  • Designing coalitions of nonprofits is integral to work strengthening and expanding their impact on communities.
  • Through seminars and workshops, CNP members receive training from experts in health, social services, education, arts, and the environment.
  • CNP membership assist in the promotion of corporate social responsibility
  • CNP Promote networking for effective project success

Maximize Impact

  • Amplify your results and increase your organization’s overall effectiveness.
  • A tailored approach tailored to help maximize your organization’s impact on an ever-changing world.
  • We apply a variety of strategic planning approaches as options in the planning process so you will walk away with a comprehensive map aligning your goals and strategies with the everyday work of your organization.

Evolve & Adapt to the Changing world

  • We take a partnership approach with our clients, supporting their growth with solutions and guidance that meet their evolving needs and challenges.
  • Introduce technology tools and resources that will maximize production effectiveness
  • Benefit from

CNP Member Category


Annual Dues: from $138 to $1,045 per year, based on your organization’s Total Annual Expenses



Open to individuals who are not affiliated with a nonprofit organization.

Annual Dues: $300

Note that restrictions apply to some member events, which are exclusive to staff and board of Nonprofit Members. Contact Membership at [email protected] with questions.

Membership Benefits

  • Discounts on any course/seminars offered by the CNP Academy and special events
  • Free access to CNP educational seminars/conference
  • Free access to Grant Funders Information and Notification
  • Regular communications from CNP on current non-profit management practices, legal obligations, center news, and business acumen, upcoming events, and important issues facing nonprofit organizations
  • Access to member-only areas of CNP’s website for special publications and opportunities
  • Access to the Member Helpline, which identifies, researches, and disseminates information on every aspect of nonprofit management.
  • Periodic professional development training and networking gatherings
  • Opportunities to network with, local, state, national, and international organizations
  • And a dedicated business profile page

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A Global Educational and Informational Hub that Strengthen & Advance the Non-Profit Associations.


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CNP’s annual Membership provides comprehensive support by professionals through exclusive access to landmark research, publications, and in-depth online content, cost-saving opportunities, and events throughout the year.

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