HHF Yammer User Policy

Welcome to Yammer!

We aim to provide a collaborative environment to connect with colleagues and bridge various branches, departments, and geographic locations to share meaningful information.

This Yammer Use Policy is intended to provide helpful information and to enhance the value and benefits of internal social networking at Humanity and Health Foundation. It is not intended to restrict the flow of valuable and appropriate information among members.

Important note: Yammer does not replace Humanity, and Health Foundation established reporting channels. Please write your concern through the Safety Information Management System (SIMS) for all safety-related issues.



  • Using the Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network acknowledges and confirms that you understand and agree to the following requirements:
  • Participation is entirely voluntary and a matter of individual choice.
  • The Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network is intended only for use by members of Humanity and Health Foundation. Information contained within Yammer may not be released, in whole or in part, without the written consent of the Vice President, Corporate Communications.
  • Use good judgment when considering how to use the information on the Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network, and consult your manager for any confirmation/clarification you require.
  • Never rely on information or opinions posted on the Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network by other users to replace company policy or standards or information that you receive from your manager. While the Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network contains plenty of helpful information and our administrators strive to address incorrect statements, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, privacy, or validity of other users’ information supplied in the groups.
  • Information, opinions, statements, pictures, and files posted on Yammer cannot be considered private.
  • Any statements, pictures, and files uploaded onto Yammer are subject to be used in employee communication publications at Humanity and Health Foundation.


General Information

How can you sign up? It’s pretty easy!

  1. Visit yammer.com.
  2. Enter your humanitynhealth.org e-mail address and click Join.
  3. You will receive an automatic e-mail from Yammer. Click Confirm.
  4. Enter your name and password.
  5. Set up your profile on the Humanity and Health Foundation Network. Add a picture, and details about your expertise, follow colleagues, and invite others to join!


Before you begin.

Using new technology may seem daunting or even intimidating. Don’t worry, that’s normal! We recommend navigating the Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network by reading posts and exploring the various groups available until you feel comfortable participating. You are encouraged to contribute and provide your insights and opinions.

Take a tour. Before you post, explore Yammer- you’ll get the hang of it!

Network administrators. The HHF Member Communications team administers the Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network. Administrators have the responsibility of monitoring the overall network content.

Official Languages. The Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network interface is available in both United States official languages, and posts can be submitted in English or French.


The Guidelines

As with any social media you may use, Humanity and Health Foundation’s policies, including the Corporate Policy and Guidelines on Business Conduct, the Workplace Harassment Policy, and the Information Security Policy, apply to your activities on Yammer. Please also respect the Social Media Guidelines. Carefully consider the content you post on the Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network by the following guidelines:

Profile name. To encourage an atmosphere of openness and transparency, all users must use their full first and last names when creating their respective profiles. This will let other users know who they are interacting with—social etiquette. An atmosphere free of negativity will foster stronger relations and create an environment that encourages constructive feedback – benefiting all of us.

Obscene, discriminatory, harassing, or defamatory postings will not be permitted. If such posts are made, one or more of the following actions may be taken in addition to actions contemplated by Humanity and Health Foundation policies, including the Corporate Policy and Guidelines on Business Conduct, our Workplace Harassment, the Information Security Policy, and all other applicable policies: the user may be asked to remove the offending content, an administrator will remove the content, and the user will be removed from the Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network, and discipline may be imposed, up to and including discharge.

Humanity and Health Foundation reserves the right to remove a group from the network if it is deemed inappropriate for the workplace.

Humanity and Health Foundation has the ability and the right to monitor anything posted to the Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network, including information posted to private groups or as direct messages.

Humanity and Health Foundation, according to its discretion, reserves the right to remove Yammer privileges from any user at any time, and failure to respect Humanity and Health Foundation policies when participating in Yammer may result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

Add value. Post accurate, meaningful, and respectful comments relevant to the discussion. Pushing your point of view too hard may offend other people.

Respect each other’s privacy. We cannot share our colleagues’ or clients’ personal information without consent. This includes their name, personal e-mail address, home or cell phone number, location, flight information, or photos or video of them. All posts are required to respect the Personal Information Protection – Members policy.

Respond promptly. Conversations that you are involved in can move very quickly. So, while you should think through your response before you post, you should respond within the same day, if not within a few hours of the original post.

You don’t always have to respond. Sometimes, people want to have their voices heard, and that is not necessarily the best time to engage them in a conversation. Use your judgment to determine whether or not it’s worth responding. If someone is speaking aggressively to start an argument, there’s no point in getting involved.

Edit, rinse, repeat. If you’re about to post something that makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable, please take a minute to review these guidelines and try to figure out what makes you hesitant, then fix it. Even if you are not uncomfortable, it is wise to take a second look. Ultimately, what you post is yours — as is the responsibility.

It’s ok to disagree. When disagreeing with others’ opinions, please keep it appropriate and polite. If you find yourself in a situation where someone is attacking a topic unfairly, a polite way to end a conversation would be to say, “I think we need just to agree to disagree and leave it at that.”

Learn from your mistakes. We all make them. If you make a mistake, just be upfront and immediately correct yourself. Whether it’s an update in a group, a deletion of a comment you made, or an apology to a fellow Yammer user –make it clear that the correction was made and why.

Use common sense and common courtesy. Do not publish or report on conversations meant to be private or internal to Humanity and Health Foundation. Being transparent doesn’t mean we can violate Humanity and Health Foundation’s privacy policy, disclose confidential information, or ignore legal requirements.

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with an administrator directly.


Final Thoughts

We rely on you to help build our Humanity and Health Foundation Yammer network and make it an engaging and productive community. We encourage business-oriented communication, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge. At the same time, we want you to enjoy this opportunity to connect with colleagues.
With that, get on Yammer and have some fun!

Rebecca Ajibola, Board President.