Humanitarian External Strategic Advisory Group (HHFESAG) Terms of Reference



The purpose of this Humanitarian External Strategic Advisory Group (HHFESAG) is to provide a forum for Humanity and Health Foundation to engage with external solid leaders and thinkers in the humanitarian space to help the organization succeed in its humanitarian mandate by providing insight and advice towards setting and reaching our objectives, both for our humanitarian endeavor and change agenda. The members of this group will also be ambassadors to impact change in the sector positively. Individuals agreeing to participate in this HHFESAG will expand their professional networks and engage in thought exercises about the industry.


Group Objectives

To fulfill its purpose, the Humanitarian External Strategic Advisory Group will have the following responsibilities:

  • Advise the Global Directors of Humanity and Health Foundation on humanitarian strategy
  • Share sector-wide and HHF-specific lessons learned and reflections to inform the setting and reviewing of our vision, strategy, objectives, and priorities and to ensure the successful delivery of both our core business and our change agenda (including our 3-year strategic plans and yearly iterations)
  • Strengthen our connection to and representation of stakeholders, partners, peers, and communities outside of Humanity and Health Foundation, inviting a range of perspectives and a collaborative approach
  • Support on horizon scanning, identifying key sector trends relevant to SC



Internal Representation will include: The Global Humanitarian Director and Humanitarian SMT – Director of Humanitarian Programme Quality, Director of Humanitarian Policy and Advocacy, and Director of Crisis Anticipation and Response.

External Representation will consist of 4-6 individuals selected through the nomination process in the Annex at the end of this document. When reviewing nominations, the following criteria should be kept in mind:

  • Gender Equity
  • Diversity of regional representation
  • Thematic areas of expertise of each representative


Appointments and Terms

The Global Humanitarian Director, with input from the Humanitarian Leadership Group, will appoint all external representatives.

Every representative will have a three-year term. Representatives will join the HHFESAG as a cohort, simultaneously rotating into and out of the group, except where early removal occurs (see Annex for additional information). The nomination process for the incoming cohort will begin 30 months into the term to have solidified the next set of representatives before the current group’s period ends.


Guidelines for Membership

Representatives of this body agree to fulfill the outlined responsibilities and expectations to their best ability. In accepting to be a part of this body, members agree to the purpose of the group and the mission of the Humanity and Health Foundation Team. The Humanitarian External Strategic Advisory Group members also agree to maintain confidentiality where specified.

Performance Expectations:

  • Support Humanity and Health Foundation Team and the Global Humanitarian Director in the organization’s humanitarian endeavor
  • Keep in mind the best interests of Humanity and Health Foundation and the people that we serve
  • Adhere to ethical principles and safeguarding policies and expectations
  • Offer recommendations and feedback on overall humanitarian strategy, policy, and operations
  • Prepare for and actively participate in calls at least three times a year
  • Respond to requests for input based on agreed-upon timelines
  • Maintain and strengthen a collaborative approach in their work and be solutions focused


Ways of Working


New External Strategic Advisory Group members will receive an induction upon beginning their term. This induction should include an overview of Humanity and Health Foundation’s organizational structure and ongoing responses. The GHD will provide this induction with support from the Marketing Centre Team.


Meeting Frequency

Meetings will occur three times a year at a rotating time to accommodate the different time zones of the members.


Notice of Meeting

Group members will be notified of the meeting schedule during their induction. Should members wish to send agenda items, they should do so at least 14 days before the meeting to provide the Humanity and Health Foundation team with ample time to put together the schedule and background materials and share it with the advisory group no later than seven days in advance. Agendas, pre-reads, and other materials will be sent out one week before the meeting.



Nomination Process

External Strategic Advisory Group members will be nominated and selected based on merit. These members will not serve as representatives of their respective organizations and should not be designated as such. Members, COs, ROs, and other stakeholders will use a standardized nomination form. This form will include the following questions/prompts:

  • Name of person submitting the form
  • Name of nominee
  • Current/prior membership in advisory groups
  • Candidate statement of interest
  • Areas of industry perspective and expertise
  • Short description of qualifications relative to the kind of advice being solicited
  • Strengths and attributes this representative would bring to the advisory board
  • Any additional information the nominee would like to provide

Should a Humanity and Health Foundation staff member wish to nominate an individual to the HHFESAG, they should give the above information to their member or RO focal point in the Humanitarian Leadership Group. This focal point will then share the nomination with the Global Humanitarian Director and the Centre Program Team.


Criteria for Nomination

  • Nominee may not currently be sitting on another advisory body for Humanity and Health Foundation Assembly or Humanity and Health Foundation International
  • Nominee must have demonstrated knowledge of humanitarian contexts


Removal Procedures

Should a member of the advisory board need to be removed before their term ends, the following procedures should be followed:

  • If the member of the advisory board no longer wishes to be a part of the External Strategic Advisory Group, they should inform the Chair with at least a month’s notice
  • If the advisory board member needs to be removed due to performance issues, misconduct, or any other issue, they will be served immediate notice of termination of their membership with an explanation of the cause for termination. After the stop, the appropriate Humanity and Health Foundation party will nominate a replacement (see Appointments & Terms section for additional details).
  • All replacement members will complete the previous member’s term – they will not start a new three-year period.


Click here to access the HHFESAG Candidacy Form.