Management Meeting Agenda

  • Use this document to create a tailored standard management meeting agenda relevant to your organization.
  • Present: Representatives from the finance, projects, and senior management teams.


No. Agenda Item Explanation
1 Review of previous meeting minutes, action points Review the previous meeting’s action points, noting whether each was completed or ongoing and progress made.
2 Income Utilisation Take time over this to ensure that each budget holder understands the figures for their budget.
2.1 Budget Monitoring

–      Overview of current figures

–      Review of major over- or under-spends

–      Revision, recharges, re-phasing required


The discussion should include the use of unrestricted funds.


These are prompts to help with budget monitoring for each project and/or grant.

2.2 Reporting

–      Deadlines for Narrative & Financial reports

–      Reporting issues, review, updates

Ensure that the deadlines are known and a plan is agreed between programs and finance to meet them.

Often the submission of a report to a donor is also a request for money. Use this as a prompt to update your accounting records, e.g. grants receivable.

2.3 Under-spends / delays

–      Outstanding amounts, write-offs

–      Extension to funding period requests


Ensure all projects are properly closed including grant and donor requirements.

Have these requests gone through the proper internal and donor channels?

3 Cash Issues Cash is an important issue for organizations; these questions ensure the issue is addressed responsibly.
3.1 Cash flow requirement known All budget holders should know their cash requirements for the next period (depends on organization and location).
3.2 Foreign exchange issues Are there any foreign exchange gains/losses that need to be taken into account?
3.3 Floats / advances / imprests


A ‘hot’ issue as floats can sometimes be abused.  Check whether float rules are being followed. Request to see a report of outstanding advances at the last month-end.
4 Compliance The monthly meeting is a good forum to raise any compliance issues as necessary.
4.1 Legal Are the organization’s legal requirements being fulfilled?
4.2 Staff taxes Are the staff taxes paid up to date?
4.3 Donor Are all the donor requirements being fulfilled with respect to grants received?
4.4 Other issues E.g. other stakeholder compliance issues not covered elsewhere.


 Management Meeting Agenda continued

No. Agenda Item Explanation
5 Staffing
5.1 Staffing changes/new posts, payroll issues This provides a record of payroll issues and action points as necessary.
5.2 Staff leave Enables everyone to know when staff is away.
6 Project Planning Organizations can be overwhelmed by visitors (especially ones in high profile emergency areas).  It might be necessary to use this meeting to ensure that everyone is available at the right time for the right person.
6.1 Internal visits Are there any planned visits to or from other projects or project offices?  Involvement from members /board?
6.2 External visits Are there any planned visits from external stakeholders?  Donors, Govt representatives, etc
6.3 Financial Planning- Budgets Are there any requirements highlighted from the annual financial calendar?
6.4 Year-End – accruals, lease information, etc
7 Audit If your organization has an internal audit team it might be useful to ensure that they know about any audit that is planned, including external/donor audits – both single grant and whole program audit
7.1 Internal Audits: planned, status, follow-ups, etc. Ensure that the follow up of internal audit is monitored.
7.2 External Audits: planned, status, follow-ups, etc. Ensure that audits are planned and done in accordance with local countries’ laws and grant requirements.
7.3 Donor audit Ensure that audits are planned in accordance with the grant agreement terms and conditions.
8 Any Other Business This section should be used to raise any other finance-related items.
9 Next meeting date Always agree on the date of the next meeting.  It is possible to set dates for the whole year once the annual finance calendar is known.
10 Action As you go along, record the action points agreed during this meeting.  Remember to record who will do the action and when it will be done.


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