Performance Management and Quality Improvement (PMQI) Survey

Performance Management (PM) is a systematic process aimed at helping achieve an organization’s mission and strategic goals by improving effectiveness, empowering employees, and streamlining the decision-making process.
It involves many parameters,  some of which are:

  • Build-in quality from the start.
  • Planning and goal setting.
  • Management and members/employee involvement.
  • Monitoring and feedback.
  • Development and improvement.
  • Reward and compensation
  • Continuously improve the system of production and services to enhance quality and productivity, and thus constantly to reduce costs.

Quality Performance can only be achieved through your participation.
The survey will take roughly 5 minutes of your time, the information provided will assist with our Quality Assurance plan and the successful delivery of planned projects, Thank you.


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Your Result

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Keeping Track of Progress – Global Assessment


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