Project Results

Results are changes that we expect to take place after implementing the project activities.

The results are generally positive experiences undergone by the beneficiaries.

Results are divided into three types:

  1. Outputs
  2. Outcomes
  3. Impact

Outputs are immediate results that we achieve soon after the completion of the project or any specific project activity. For example, if training on human rights is carried out in a project, the output or the immediate result of it is “a greater understanding of human rights amongst the participants.”

The outcomes are results that have been or that are to be achieved after a period of time, but not immediate. In the above example, it could that “the participants have gone further to communities to inform them about human rights or carrying out policy advocacy in favor of human rights.”

The impact is the longer-term result that has happened because of the activities undertaken in the project. The impact in the example given above could be “policies are framed by the Government to protect the human rights of the people.”