Community Wellness Outreach Program

Community Wellness Outreach Program

Goal” Increase the quality, availability, and effectiveness of educational and community-based programs designed to prevent disease and injury, improve health, and enhance the quality of life.


Location One: 

The Durumi Internally Displaced Person (IDP) Refugee Camp is located in Abuja, North-central Nigeria. The Camp was established in September 2014 to accommodate displaced people due to the insurgency in the northeast. Despite some efforts by some NGOs, the IDPs in the Camp still lacked access to education, potable water, and sustainable healthcare, resulting in a high mortality rate and malnutrition, especially among orphans and children. Humanity & Health Foundation (HHF) carried out a Wellness Community Outreach Program at one of the fifteen identified Displaced Peoples (IDP) Camps in the area.

In August 2022, on our initial visit to the location, we learned that the IDP Camp in Durumi (Area 1) had more than three thousand five hundred population, with one thousand orphans in dire need.

With permission from the camp coordinators and their leaders, we conducted a wellness health check drive, including vital signs, blood pressure, and diabetes screening. We also carried out an extensive community needs assessment, which included, (surveys and interviews of the residence orphans, children, families, and the coordinator) on the day to identify further needs.

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