Medical Mission

Medical Mission

One of our main task as Christians is to Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons (mentally ill) freely you have received, freely give
(Matthew 10: 8)

Christ also preached extensively on assisting the poor, widows, and the vulnerable in our society. The main one that crowns it all is the story of the Good Samaritan. It is our duty as Christians to go the extra mile in making a difference to those in dire need. It is only when we give our time, resources, and empathize with those in need that we can confidently express the essence of Christ in us.

In collaboration with some local colleges and communities in the Western part of Africa, Humanity and Health Foundation’s goal is to be where the need is most needed.
Join us today for a Medical Mission to the underdeveloped areas of the world,

There are opportunities for several types of groups to volunteer abroad including families, youths, women, college-aged adults, and jr. high kids.
Medical missions may seem like they’re only for doctors and nurses, but they are for a wide range of individuals? Do you fall into one of the following groups?

  • Medical professionals– It probably comes as no surprise that medical professionals are necessary for most medical mission trips. Doctors, nurses, practitioners, dentists, therapists, physician assistants, and medical technicians are needed to address the tremendous needs of the individuals being served on these mission trips.
  • Aspiring medical professionals– You may not be a licensed nurse or physician, but you can still find your place on medical mission trips if you aspire to one day work in the medical field. You’ll gain invaluable insight and perspective on how to treat the sick and needy. Taking the opportunity to volunteer abroad as you consider a medical degree will surely light a fire in your soul.
  • Mature young adults– Any college or senior high-aged young adult can serve on medical mission trips. You’ll probably see things that are not easy to see, so it is important to be mature enough to handle any situation. You don’t have to aspire to work in a medical field to be effective on a medical mission trip. These trips always need a helping hand to organize, move supplies, and support the other caregivers on the trip.
  • Caring Christians– Really anybody from one of the previous categories can make a huge impact through medical missions.  These trips often have spots available for caring Christians to fill. One day everybody will be free from sickness and disease. Until then, there will always be a need for caring individuals to serve in Asia, Africa, and the rest of the world through medical missions.

What are the requirements to join a Medical Mission Trip?

Humanity & Health Foundation and World Harvest Christian Center offer a wide range of medical mission trips abroad (including volunteering as well as internships) and you can join in, to explore, serve, and experience something like never before. Medical, Pre-med, dental, and nursing students can join these medical service trips to gain first-hand work experience and develop their skills & knowledge while working under the guidance of professional doctors and nurses. Work usually is divided among the participants as per their educational qualifications.

For the healthcare volunteering programs, even professional doctors and nurses can join in and lend a helping hand to treat the people in developing countries across the world.

The basic requirements are:

1) Have a medical/ clinical background or must be enrolled in medical studies; clinical experience is not a must as described above;

2) Should be 18 years old or above (in some cases even 17 years old ones are also allowed);

3) Must be keen to learn and open-minded to work in a group, assisting & following the instructions of the professionals;

4) Must be enthusiastic and adaptive.

5) Must be culturally sensitive

6) Ability to speak other languages is  a bonus because regardless of educational competence, they can act in the capacity of an interpreter


What is the duration of the Medical Mission Trip?

We have programs available from a minimum of  2 weeks to a maximum of 24 weeks, but we mostly advise & encourage you to join for at least 2 weeks, as that much time is required to learn about the healthcare system of a new country as well as to contribute effectively towards the purpose.

We also offer amazing summer volunteering opportunities for medical & nursing students as well as group volunteering trips for those who wish to join the service trips for medical college students in a group along with a mentor. Tailor-made, customized programs are also provided for groups of 5 or more.


How do I apply for a Medical Mission Trip Abroad with Humanity & Health Foundation?

  • Check out the amazing & amazing & affordable healthcare volunteering programs & medical internship programs that we have in store for you, and pick the one that suits you best. Think about which country you wish to travel to, and what are the main things that you want to learn. Also, be clear about how you want to contribute through this journey.
  • Once you’ve selected the best program for yourself, you can go to Apply Now and fill the form.
  • In case you wish to talk with our Program Advisors before you apply, you can simply write to us at and our Team will help you with all your doubts.
  • The next step would be to get done with the registration, pay the application fee & later, the program fee (which would include your Pre-Departure Guidance, Airport pick-up at the destination, accommodation & meals, 24*7 in-country support as well the program participation). You will have to upload a few documents, which you will be guided thereafter.
  • You can Log In to your My Account and check the progress of your application. It mostly takes about 14 to 28 working days to get the placement confirmed, so apply early.
  • And then, you’re all set to embark on a life-changing journey! This surely is the best possible way to serve those who need your care and also, make good use of your course learnings, while implementing them in treating people.


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