Sponsor A Child's Education

Sponsoring a child provides the continuity of impact that is needed – which is impacting the growth and development of children. It brings hope to his or her entire community.

The key area of empowerment that we focus on here is education. Funds you provide will attend to the key indicators (Academic, Psychosocial, and Medical) of a child’s educational development.

By becoming a sponsor you will provide desperately needed opportunities to children with incredible potential.  You will be making a personal investment, building a relationship with your beneficiary and his or her family, and joining a family of “life-givers” around the world who share your commitment to change the world, one child at a time.

Providing educational support is a tested and proven way to impact lives by providing the vital knowledge and skills that the child needs to grow up, become independent, self-sufficient, and able to contribute to their community, national and global development.

Humanity & Health Foundation’s aim is to strategically empower lives in Africa by providing educational opportunities and resources. Our focus is to strengthen self-reliance so that individuals, families, and communities can create positive change in their own lives. We have made it easier than ever for you to join us in empowering lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sponsoring A Child Education - Investing In A Sustainable Future

Education is one of the priorities of governments and also of the Humanity & Health Foundation (HHF). In many instances, due to persistent and conflicting demands that families face daily, the education of children is given lower priority in terms of family needs. In some instances to help ensure that the children stay in school, we ensure that school needs are taken care of by directly paying for school fees, sewing uniforms / distribute school supplies, etc.

You can sponsor a child for as long as you like. However, we do recommend that you sponsor for at least two years, to provide stability to your sponsored child /children.
Sponsoring a child is probably the greatest way YOU can impact the life of a specific child in Africa!
Build a relationship.
Watch your sponsored child develop.
It is a life-transforming and fulfilling experience!

Yes, you are welcome to set up recurring child sponsorship the way that fits you best whether that is monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. We advise that you create a profile on our website, and sign in anytime to manage your account.

Once we receive your first monthly gift and match you with your preferred child/ children, we will send you a sponsorship package by email (or hard-copy upon request) which will include a photo and profile of your child and other information about your child's country. You can also expect to receive handwritten notes from the child, photos, scanned copies of the child's grade/report card, and reports on the child's overall well-being throughout the time of sponsor.

Yes, You Can. You only need to communicate that to us either through your form or by email or mail. We will always respect your wishes.

Children love to receive letters. This makes them feel special and gives them a sense of belonging. Communication helps to build a relationship. Children also learn a lot from your letters. We would deeply appreciate your sending a letter and photos at least once or twice a year. Your child would love to know that you care for him/her.
You are welcome to snail mail a gift. We can include this in a shipment - sent every 3-4 months. Please mail your gift to the Humanity & Health Foundation Headquaeters or any of our Regional Offices. Items you give could be clothes, laptop, an iPad, an eBook Reader, etc.
You could make an additional donation on your child's birthday or at special holidays for instance ; Christmas etc. Or you can simply ask us what your "matched" child most current needs are.

You could send video messages, photos of you and your family, etc

Child sponsorship is a great way to connect with a child and help make a difference in Africa. Your children and family will get to know more about the life of a child in Africa. You will receive photos and exchange letters. It will help all of you think globally and broaden your horizons. It's a learning experience and it's a great way to teach your children to help others. It is life-transforming.

Every dollar donated to the education of a child is a gift towards a sustainable future of not only a child but that child’s family and its community at large. You can opt to contribute to a child’s education, or simply focus on a matched child or children. Either way, you are fulfilling a noble gesture, and we will keep you in the loop on where specifically your dollar has been spent.
If you choose a specific child, you will receive information on the child’s progress and be allowed to communicate in writing with the child. When two or more people invest in a child, the child’s mental, emotional, and overall development improves. A child certainly feels loved when they know that more than one person has their back and want them to succeed.

If you would like a copy of any or all your donations, simply email secretary@humanitynhealth.org and we'll get it sent to you. You will receive a tax receipt every year in January, but you can again request a tax receipt anytime by emailing the secretary@humanitynhealth.org, Your tax receipt will be mailed or emailed to you or as specified.

No. There is no limitation. You have the option to specify the number of children to sponsor.

Online Application

Click below for an online sponsorship application form, you will have the opportunity to specify your requests and start the donation process.

Sponsor by Mail

Click below to download the sponsorship application form, fill and return it to HHF listed Headquarters address, fax or email.

Nominate A Child for Sponsorship

There are many children out there in poor social environments that need our help.  Be there helping hand, and nominate a child in great need or distress.

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