Strategies and Activities

Proposals are required to outline how the objectives of the project would be achieved.

Here, it will be necessary to mention the Strategies and the Activities to be implemented in the project. There is a lot of difference between strategies and activities. Strategies are broad concepts under which activities are placed.

Strategies in a project can include:

  • Capacity-building/ awareness-raising
  • Organizational development
  • Research & Development
  • Advocacy
  • Victim Support Strategy
  • Micro-finance and CBO development Strategy
  • Participatory Infrastructure Development Strategy
  • Activities can include:
  • Training workshops, street shows, rallies
  • Staff selection, staff training
  • Baseline, PRA, FGD
  • Conferences, meetings, articles, publications
  • Establishing shelter homes, counseling, legal support
  • Forming SHGs and cooperatives
  • Building irrigation tanks, demo plots, etc

To develop activities:

  • Refer back to the lessons learned from previous projects.
  • Identify best practices from other agencies/ projects/sources.
  • Activities as identified by the communities
  • Develop activities by listing numbers, so that they can be referred back to easily
  • Leave space for unplanned activities that can be added later during project implementation