Bennard Ogunsanya, ACCA

About Bennard Ogunsanya, ACCA

Meet Mr. Bennard Ogunsanya, a dedicated and accomplished Chief Financial Accountant at Humanity and Health Foundation (HHF) USA. With a proven track record, he brings financial expertise and strategic leadership to the forefront.

Leadership and Vision
As the Founder and CEO of Babs Associates INC. in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Mr. Ogunsanya exemplifies a commitment to financial excellence and business acumen. His vision aligns seamlessly with HHF’s mission of positive global impact through health and community empowerment.

Impactful Initiatives
Mr. Ogunsanya’s financial prowess contributes significantly to HHF’s impactful initiatives. His strategic guidance ensures optimal allocation of resources, fostering sustainability and growth in our mission-driven projects.

Advocacy for Change
In his role, Mr. Ogunsanya advocates for positive change, leveraging financial strategies to empower communities. His commitment to transparency and financial responsibility aligns with HHF’s values, driving the organization toward meaningful transformation.

Join Us in Celebrating

Celebrate Mr. Bennard Ogunsanya’s pivotal role in HHF’s financial leadership. Join us as we acknowledge his contributions to creating a healthier, empowered world for communities around the globe.

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