Mr. Bolorunduro Biodun Abel

Meet Bolorunduro Biodun Abel: Program Manager and Secretary (HHF Northern Nigeria)


About Bolorunduro Biodun Abel:

Abel Bolorunduro is a seasoned Management and Financial Consultant, serving as the Program Manager and Secretary for Humanity and Health Foundation (HHF) Northern Nigeria. With an academic foundation that includes an MSc in Statistics from the University of Ibadan and a BSc in Statistics (2nd Class Lower), Abel’s journey is rooted in a commitment to excellence and expertise in statistical analysis.

Leadership and Vision:

With over 19 years of experience in banking operations, audit, and marketing for diverse financial institutions, Abel brings a wealth of leadership and managerial competencies to HHF. His vision encompasses operational risk management, audit, financial operations, fundraising, and marketing, aligning seamlessly with HHF’s commitment to positive change in Northern Nigeria.

Impactful Initiatives:

Abel Bolorunduro has been an active member of the Nigerian Association for Small and Medium Enterprises, dedicating the last five years to capacity building and strategic business transformation plans. Actively involved in various Displaced People (IDP) outreach programs in Abuja, Nigeria. His initiatives focus on empowering SMEs, cooperatives, NGOs, and Microfinance Institutions, reflecting HHF’s dedication to community development.

Advocacy for Change:

In his role as Assistant General Manager of Operations for CBN Staff Multipurpose Cooperative Society, Abuja, Nigeria, Abel actively advocates for change. His experience in financial operations positions him as a key contributor to initiatives that drive positive transformations in the cooperative sector.

Join us in Celebrating Abel Bolorunduro:

Join Humanity and Health Foundation in celebrating Abel Bolorunduro, a dedicated Program Manager and Secretary whose leadership, vision, and impactful initiatives significantly contribute to our mission in Northern Nigeria. Together, we applaud his commitment to creating positive change and empowering communities.

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Team Information

 Program Manager (North Central Nigeria)
 Age number:
 Phone: +2348068436489