Mrs Bola Macarthy RN. BSN

About Bola Macarthy

Meet Bola Macarthy, RN, MSN, a dedicated Board Member and Program Advisor at Humanity and Health Foundation. As the Founder and CEO of Excelsior Healthcare Academy in Chicago Heights, Illinois, USA, Bola is a passionate healthcare professional with a commitment to quality education, transformation, and excellence in people.

Leadership and Vision

Bola brings her wealth of experience and expertise to HHF, serving as a guiding force in shaping the foundation’s vision and strategy. Her leadership ensures a focus on delivering impactful initiatives and fostering positive change within communities.

Impactful Initiatives

As a healthcare professional and founder of Excelsior Healthcare Academy, Bola has consistently demonstrated her commitment to making a difference. Her initiatives aim to empower individuals through quality education and transformative healthcare practices.

Advocacy for Change

Bola Macarthy is not just a Board Member; she is a dedicated advocate for positive change in healthcare and education. Through her role at HHF, she actively contributes to advocacy efforts, promoting equitable access to healthcare and educational opportunities.

Join Us in Celebrating Bola Macarthy

We invite you to join us in celebrating Bola Macarthy’s invaluable contributions to Humanity and Health Foundation. Her passion for healthcare, education, and philanthropy exemplifies the spirit of our organization. Together, let’s continue to make a lasting impact on communities and individuals around the world.



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