Mrs. Jumaie Fayemi

About Jumaie Fayemi

Mrs. Jumaie Fayemi, an accomplished and dynamic Project Manager, brings over a decade of experience and success to Humanity and Health Foundation (HHF). With a proven track record in delivering IT projects for new and enhanced products and services, Mrs. Fayemi ensures projects are completed on time and within budget, optimizing resource utilization. Her expertise extends to both traditional project delivery methods and the Agile methodology framework.

Leadership and Vision
As the Global Secretary of HHF USA, Mrs. Fayemi plays a pivotal role in steering the organization toward its vision. Her leadership is marked by a commitment to excellence, efficiency, and a forward-thinking approach that aligns with the foundation’s mission of making a positive impact on communities worldwide.

Impactful Initiatives
Mrs. Fayemi has been instrumental in driving impactful initiatives within the foundation. Leveraging her project management expertise, she contributes to the planning and execution of programs that address critical issues in health, education, and empowerment. Her dedication to fostering positive change is evident in the outcomes of these initiatives.

Advocacy for Change
Mrs. Fayemi is not only a leader within the organization but also a passionate advocate for change. She actively engages with policymakers, stakeholders, and the community to champion policies that support equitable access to healthcare and education. Her advocacy extends beyond the walls of HHF, influencing positive transformations on a broader scale.

Join Us in Celebrating
Join us in celebrating Mrs. Jumaie Fayemi’s invaluable contributions to Humanity and Health Foundation. Her strategic vision, impactful initiatives, and advocacy for change have significantly enhanced our mission to empower communities globally. Together, let’s continue creating positive and lasting change under her inspiring leadership.

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