Mrs. Medeyonmi Oyejoke Sabbah

Meet Mrs. Medeyonmi Oyejoke Sabbah, Co-Director (HHF USA)


About Medeyonmi Oyejoke Sabbah:

Mrs. Medeyonmi Oyejoke Sabbah brings a wealth of experience and a heart dedicated to service as the Co-Director of Humanity and Health Foundation (HHF) USA. Holding a B.Sc. in Hospitality Management from Florida International University, she has held several management positions in the hotel and restaurant industry, showcasing her commitment to excellence in various roles such as Restaurant Manager, Assistant Executive Housekeeper, and Banquet Manager. Now retired, Mrs. Sabbah continues to channel her expertise and compassion into meaningful initiatives.

Leadership and Vision:

As Co-Director at HHF USA, Mrs. Sabbah provides invaluable leadership with a vision rooted in compassion and community impact. Her extensive background in hospitality management has equipped her with the skills to guide the organization towards effective strategies for positive change.

Impactful Initiatives:

Beyond her professional career, Mrs. Sabbah co-sponsors Humanity and Health Foundation Educational Scholarship initiatives for those underprivileged in Africa. She continues to assist those in need with her generous donations; and dedicates her time to volunteer at Delmar Gardens Assisted Living and Nursing Home. Her impactful initiatives reflect HHF’s commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals in assisted living and nursing care, fostering a sense of community and care.

Advocacy for Change:

Mrs. Medeyonmi Oyejoke Sabbah’s advocacy for change extends beyond her role as Co-Director. Through her volunteerism and commitment to community service, she actively promotes initiatives that bring about positive transformations in the lives of those in need.

Join us in Celebrating Mrs. Sabbah:

Join Humanity and Health Foundation in celebrating Mrs. Medeyonmi Oyejoke Sabbah, a compassionate leader whose vision, impactful initiatives, and advocacy contribute significantly to our mission. Together, we applaud her dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the communities we serve.

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