Who Does What In Grant Management

The table below lists the key tasks in grant management with recommendations for who should take the lead responsibility and provide additional support when required.
Practice in your own organization may of course be different, and you might like to go over the list and assign roles accordingly.
Who does which task is less important than making sure that every task is assigned to someone so that nothing slips through the net.

Key: F = Finance staff, P = Programme staff

Task Lead Support
1.             Review donor contract and assess conditions P F
2.             Negotiate specific grant conditions P
3.             Sign donor contract (agreement) P
4.             Set up financial systems to manage contract obligations F P
5.             Establish lines of communication with donor representative(s) P
6.             Prepare reporting framework and timetable P F
7.             Where there are sub-grantees, prepare guidance manual and support structure F P
8.             Ensure new and existing staff are aware of the grant conditions P F
9.             Ensure all purchases are made according to donor procurement requirements P F
10.         Submit claims for income from donor P F
11.         Manage the donor-funded budget P
12.         Monitor income & expenditure, including commitments P F
13.         Write narrative donor reports P
14.         Prepare project financial reports as per reporting schedule F P
15.         Submit reports to the donor as per reporting schedule P F
16.         Review whether a contract amendment is needed (budget change, activity change or time extension) P F
17.         Submit change requests to the donor P F
18.         Ensure project reports reconcile with the organization’s financial accounts F P
19.         Close the grant ensuring all conditions have been met P F
20.         Carry out a review to identify learning points P
21.         Prepare for project audit F P


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