Our Focus: United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs)

HHF Core Principles & Commitment

Advocating for a common humanity with equitable treatment

Humanity & Health Foundation has the vision to stand the test of time through a holistic approach to work, sound ethics, and a partnership model.

Our members are volunteers and experts from various healthcare, public health, medical, business, academic, and social agencies.

Our delivery is through collaboration with international, regional, local, state, and community stakeholders.

We advocate for Health literacy, formal education, and innovative ventures that will empower our targeted disadvantaged citizens with the ultimate goal of being valuable and productive community members.

We invest and commit to the development of our target audience, their family, and their community.

Ultimately, they will be able to make the right informed decisions for their lives, impacting the world positively.

Upcoming Global Events

Global Conference, Seminars, Webinars & Board Meetings
Regional Directors Meeting (Bi-monthly)
19:00 By admin

Regional Directors Meeting (Bi-monthly)   (Please check back for detailed information)

January 2023 Training Webinar
16:30 By admin

January 2023 Training Webinar   Humanity & Health Foundation is committed to a culture of learning. We grow our members…

2022 End of Year Board Meeting
16:00 By admin

2022 Quarterly Board Meeting A Mandatory End of Year Board Meeting. Meeting Agenda: Welcome and Agenda Review (Board Chair) Approval…

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