Budget and Proposal Packaging


The budget has to be itemized as clearly as possible, presented in the required format. It should be in line with the activities set in the project. It will be an added advantage to mention contributions from other sources such as the community or other donors.

The contribution made by the proposing organization should also be mentioned. It there is any recurring income from the project activities, it needs to be clearly given in the budget section.

Proposal Packaging

When the proposal writing is complete, it is important to ensure that the packaging has been done properly before submitting it to the donor. Below are some important points to be kept in mind while packaging the proposal.

  • The Title Page should have Project title, name of the donor agency and name, logo & contact info of the NGO.
  • There should be a Table of Contents
  • There should be one page for explaining acronyms
  • There should be a Project Summary- not more than one page, narrating goal, objectives, results, and activities.
  • Provide an overview of the organization
  • Ensure that page numbering, header & footer are complete.
  • While writing use active sentences more.
  • Keep in mind the limit for the total number of pages for the proposal
  • Attach appendices, if necessary
  • Give Bibliography and references.
  • The proposal should be signed and sealed.
  • Covering letter is essential