Self-sufficient You – Garden Project

Self-Sufficient YOU – Members Garden Project

United Nations SDG Nos 2 and 3 – Zero Poverty and Good health


One of our goals is to fulfill the United Nations Zero Poverty Goal; this quest must start with us to ensure we are adequately qualified and experienced to impact others.  As a token of appreciation for all our members’ efforts to serve humanity, starting January 2023, the Humanity & Health Foundation will kick-start our member’s Garden Project.

Regardless of location, each (HHF) member will be allocated free packages of vegetable seeds to kick-start their garden project on a small or big scale. Such projects will, from time to time, be showcased on our website. We will then take the knowledge gained to our communities and schools, where youths will be encouraged to start garden projects.

We advise that you involve your immediate or extended family in this project.
Start Planning. Humanity & Health Foundation (HHF) will commit to your success by providing the information and advice required for a great harvest.

Below are ten keynotes to get you started; you can also check our garden project page.
Contact us if you want to be a beneficiary of this garden project. Seeds will be provided free to get you started.


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